Waarom er altijd werk aan de winkel is in een succesvolle webshop

Always work to do with a webshop

23 July 2021

One of our specialties at Wise Minds is developing a webshop. From that experience I learned what works and what doesn’t, and how to maximize conversion in your webshop. That is what I would like to share with you in this blog.

Don’t miss those chances

What I see a lot is that webshops do not take advantage of their opportunities. They don’t make the most of the possibilities. You can create a standard webshop, and simply sell your stuff, but then you may miss out on a lot of sales. In a webshop you can process a lot of lucrative features. An example is cross selling. With a certain product you can make recommendations for another product that can be combined well. For example, if someone orders a tire repair kit, he may also be able to use a bicycle pump. Another interesting feature is automatically sending customers a reminder if they have not bought a product, but have shown interest. For example, ‘Do you really not want this?’ is the question that then appears in their inbox. That is also what bol.com does. They really don’t let you go once you’ve viewed a product. By decorating your webshop a bit more, you can make a lot of extra turnover.

The right information at the right time

As a webshop owner, it is important to think about the road that a customer takes in your webshop. From finding the ideal product to paying. It is important to design this road as customer-friendly as possible. For that you have to think about certain things. Which action does your customer want to perform at what time? Make sure the right information is presented at the right time. And that the right information is requested at the right time. Suppose a customer orders a product, then he does not want to have an endless form pushed in his face at the next step. Rather, collect the information step by step. It is important for the conversion to optimize your checkout flow. Once a customer has selected a product, they want it to appear on their doorstep with as little effort as possible. That conversion-oriented thinking is something we can really help with.

Measuring is more than knowing

Where we are going in the world of e-commerce is data, data, and more data. Investigating how your customer reacts to suggestions for products, or, just to name a few, which color button brings the most buyers: that is becoming more and more part of it. It is the new way of doing business. That means you want to be able to measure in your webshop. In fact, with every new feature you add, you want to investigate how the customer reacts to it. Then you can decide whether you want to keep that feature or replace it with something else. So make sure that you can take measurements with your software. As a webshop owner, you are actually testing and developing all day long. That is why there is literally always work on the web store.

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