Front-end development in ReactJS, VueJs, Angular and ReactNative

A separate front-end and back-end is future-proof

It used to be very common to write an application that consists of a large block of code. Most applications that exist today are also built on that principle. The new world we are moving into needs much more flexibility and interaction. It is therefore important to separate the user interface (front-end) from the logic of the application (back-end). This offers many more possibilities to refine the interaction between the user and the application. Front-end development is therefore very important.

Multiple front-ends for the same application become possible

When the front-end and back-end are written separately, it is possible to use multiple front-ends for the same application. For example, consider a web application and a mobile application that are linked to the same back-end. To add a mobile application to an existing web application, a complete application does not have to be written. In this case, the mobile application is just a new front-end.

The world we are moving into needs a lot more flexibility and interaction.

We have experience with most Front-end frameworks

Our team has experience with the most common front-end frameworks such as ReactJs, ReactNative, VueJs and Angular. This ensures that our team can take advantage of the unique benefits of each of these frameworks on new projects and can easily extend existing front-end applications written in one of these frameworks.

Moving to separate front-end and back-end

We also have experience in gradually introducing a front-end for a classic application written as a monolith. This way you can affordably keep up with the times without having to rewrite the entire application.

When performing this job, we take great care with the functionality that is already available in the current application.

Hiring a team of dedicated front-end developers?

We often see that many software projects do not go well and need a new approach. We have a team that has extensive experience with this. Where other teams have failed, we often successfully pick it up again and in some situations reach milestone after milestone for the first time in the project history!

No front-end, but need back-end developers?

We also do a lot of back-end development. Often we choose to use PHP laravel / symphony ourselves, but also have experience with other frameworks such as python Django and Flask.

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