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Have an app made for Android and iOS

We have an experienced team that has turned hundreds of ideas into reality. We understand technology and like to think along about various possible solutions.

Let yourself be guided by experts

Wise Minds is the strategic partner of companies. Of course we have the experts in house who can help you with the app development, but who also guide you through the entire process. We take you from idea to publication in a unique Wise Minds experience. Even after publication, we will continue to think along and share experiences with you. Where other companies stop, we continue!

Android of iOs app ontwikkelen

Have an app made for iOS and Android

There are several ways to develop an app. One can have a separate app made for iOS (using object-c or swift) and a separate one for Android (using Java and Android SDK). There are also native apps. These are mobile apps that use 100% components of the phone’s software. Native apps therefore provide the best experience for the users. In addition to native apps, we also have web apps. These are actually websites that function as an app because they are accessed on the mobile via an invisible browser. Finally, we have the hybrid apps. These are apps that partly use native functionalities and partly work via the web.

Fortunately, there are also methods to have an app developed directly for both platforms. One of the best working methods to accomplish this is using ReactNative. With ReactNative you launch an app for both platforms that is also native! You can probably guess: at Wise Minds we often use ReactNative to launch our apps.

Have an app made for your website or webshop

For most apps, it is necessary to maintain data and do calculations on a server. To do this, the app must connect to an API. This is what we call the communication layer between the mobile app and the server. Sometimes an API already exists that can be used immediately when the app needs to be developed. Consider, for example, a situation where the app has to be directly connected to a WordPress website. WordPress has an API available.
If an API is not yet available, we can develop it at Wise Minds. We usually use frameworks like Laravel (PHP) or Flask (python) for this. Even if there is already a website without an API, we can write a custom API to link it with an app. We will always advise you according to your situation what the best and most cost-efficient route is that we can take together.

Schedule a no-obligation conversation right away

Perhaps you are still orientating about having your own app made or you are in an advanced phase and the app is being developed. In all cases it is useful to have a non-binding conversation with an expert. You can schedule that below.