Our customer’s experience: Examenbureau Rotterdam

16 August 2022

We, believe that fostering a good relationship with clients is crucial in providing excellent service. As such, we like to speak with our customers and ask them to share their experiences . In this blog, we let one of our customers, Jassine of Examenbureau Rotterdam, give his thoughts.

With which problem, challenge, or question did you and Examenbureau Rotterdam come to Wise Minds?

Our exam office has been organizing exams in the finance industry since 2019 and in the security industry since 2020. We make sure that people can get their SCC diploma so that they have the papers needed to work safely in sectors such as construction and petrochemical industry. We are especially busy with the exams for the safety industry.

We are a recognized examination agency. From VCA-Infra we receive a login code for a portal where you can schedule and prepare people who want to do exams. You then have to be able to roll out diplomas and passes for them. In the beginning, I just did that with Microsoft 365, I worked everything out using Excel. Now I’m pretty good at it but at one point I was dealing with hundreds of people a week. That took up so much time. If I had let this continue, I would have had to put two people on full-time before I knew it.

I thought ‘This can’t go on.’ I had to start automating. The VCA-Infra system also offers the possibility of linking your own software system. I approached a lot of parties at the time. And actually nothing came of it. Some asked for more than 50,000, others more than a ton. I thought ‘Does it really have to be so expensive?’ I wanted to keep it simple. Just link the participants. Start with a low threshold and then later create phases in which you can invest.

My wife said “Put it on Facebook!” I didn’t have an account at the time however. She then made a post for me, and before I knew it I had a number of reactions. I made a few appointments, had sessions with various parties. One of which was Wise Minds. From this it became clear to me that it clicked best with Wise Minds. So I thought ‘Let’s just do it.’ After a few screening phases, I agreed and we started.

What was the solution that Wise Minds was able to offer?

Wise Minds was able to offer customization, which is very important to me. I had quite some experience in automation myself in my previous jobs. I always put myself in the customers’ shoes. What are they dealing with? What do they need from me? I very clearly listed my points with what I wanted to see in the system. And for each point how high of a priority it was. The way Wise Minds went about this gave me a very good experience.

I wanted a system where I could register my people and they would then be automatically prepared in the VCA-Infra portal. That is what we started to do. With this system we automatically roll out login codes for the participants that are generated by VCA-Infra’s system. Afterwards, our system collects the results and tells us who has passed and who has not. I can then print out a diploma with one push of a button.

This means I no longer need to be in the VCA-Infra portal, only to use my own application that is connected to it.

Now there are plans to develop further, so I still need Wise Minds. We also want our open registration to be automated. This is about companies and trainers who only want to register their participants for an exam at one of our locations. Or for individuals who don’t necessarily need a course, but want to take the exam on their own. Then you may come directly to us. Then we would arrange for you to take an exam in your area.

What did Wise Minds’ solution give the Rotterdam Examenbureau?

Mainly efficiency. It saves a lot of time. We no longer have to manually enter the hundreds of participants per week. I think it has saved at least 32 hours a week. It’s also a godsend for accuracy and error proofing. And it also helps with acquisition. You come across as much more professional with this kind of digitization which helps attract new customers.

What I like about Wise Minds is that they are good listeners. Mohamed also thinks together with you and comes up with his own ideas.

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