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The strategic IT partner for the life stages of your tech startup your perfect stack

We help startups that want to make an impact

We want good software to be available for tech companies that want to make a social impact. Companies that are in a pre-seed phase, are a start-up or a scale-up. Companies where software is the foundation and essential for growth. We don’t want technical challenges to destroy a brilliant idea. That’s why we are there.

A team and proven process for the price of one programmer

We often see that many software projects do not go well and need a new approach. We have a team that has extensive experience with this. Where other teams have failed, we often pick up success again and in some situations achieve milestone after milestone for the first time in project history!

Software development

We provide the developers you need to get your software off the ground. Expert, efficient and ready to bring your ideas to life.

Project management

Receive strategic support with a part-time product owner, project manager and QA specialist to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Dashboarding & KPI's

Implement powerful dashboarding and KPI monitoring tools to measure and manage your growth, all at your fingertips.


We help you find the necessary financing to launch and grow your startup, with access to crucial investment sources.

Startup netwerk

Benefit from our extensive network within the startup community for collaborations, partnerships and knowledge exchange.


Find the right people for your team with our recruitment support, specially tailored to the needs of startups.

From PoC to MVP in 3-6 months

Accelerate your path from idea to market with our proven process that converts your Proof of Concept (PoC) into a market-ready Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within 3-6 months. We combine agile development with strategic insights to deliver an MVP that is not only technically solid, but also perfectly suited to your target group. Our focus is on delivering essential features that support growth and future scalability, so you can find investors faster and strengthen your market position.

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