A brilliant idea? Don’t let it fail due to software development problems!

Een briljant idee? Laat het niet sneuvelen door problemen!

Many startups have a brilliant idea, but they eventually don’t get off the ground. Not because the idea turns out not to be good, but because they do not have the process in order. And that’s a shame! How do you get it in order then? We’ll explain it to you! After all, software development doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Common pitfalls

Many startups fail for multiple reasons: they did not validate their idea with the target group, they create a too large Minimum Viable Product (MVP), they did not properly establish their value proposition or they pick a random feature they are going to build. But sometimes it’s also because they hire the wrong developers or do not properly manage the developers. Or because they do not test well or fast enough, because the founder is too busy, for example. In short, they do not have the process in order. And all these pitfalls again ensure that startups do not have their software development in order.

No need to reinvent the wheel

It’s a shame if startups don’t reach their next milestone when these pitfalls are easily preventable. Startups often lack the expertise and resources to make software development a success, while experts can tell you exactly what to do. That’s why we have developed a ready-made process at Wise Minds to help startups. Our team has a lot of experience and knows exactly which steps you need to take to guide software development in the right direction. We have already encountered and overcome all stumbling blocks with other startups, so you don’t have to do it anymore. If there is a crisis and the development of the application is not going well or a programmer is not functioning well, we know how to solve that. The process is of course customized to your idea, but the basis is actually the same for every startup.

Smart and ready-to-use tools

In our ready-made process, we also include smart, ready-to-use tools that you can deploy immediately. Think of a feature flagging tool with which you can switch a feature on and off live. You can, for example, also turn off a feature for 25% of users, allowing you to experiment. Combined with a handy dashboard, you measure the behaviour of different target groups and know the impact of a feature. So you don’t have to put time and effort into developing these types of tools, we have already done that for you.

Our valuable partnership model

It’s our mission to deliver value to impactful startups that contribute to society, so they can add value to society with their mission. With our services we make software development a success and through our partnership model we want to increase the chances of good initiatives even more. Therefore, they get access to our network full of other startups, mentors, investors, techies, marketers and more. There is more to developing a platform than just programming and you have to know who you need at what moment. We link you to the right people, and that has already led to beautiful connections and successes.

You don’t have to do it alone and you definitely shouldn’t reinvent the wheel yourself. We want nothing more than for you to make an impact with your brilliant idea, that’s why – in addition to the ready-made process – our experts are at your disposal. Do you want to know what this process looks like and what our experts can do for you? Then contact us or read how to make a success of your platform!


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