5 Tips when Automating Processes

Picture this. You’re a company who would like to have certain processes automated. But how should you approach it? And where do you begin? These five tips can help. Tip # 1: Map Out Your Stakeholders First of all, ask yourself: Who are you automating for? And what is the purpose? You have to know… View Article

How technology and people can strengthen each other

As a consumer, people want things done in the quickest and most convenient way possible. Companies know this and have shifted their focus on these important aspects. And consumers are becoming more-and-more critical of this. How should these companies make sure that their customers remain satisfied from the start of the transaction all the way… View Article

This is Wise Minds: the meaning of IT

Our ‘minds’ are often involved in sprints, codes and user stories. But after 5 years of building our brand, it was wise and high time to take a step back. Not literally of course, because we work hard to build and program for our customers every day. But we now took some time to reflect… View Article

Why humans are so fond of technology

Technology is our best friend but at the same time it is also something that is heartbreakingly scary. The famous sci-fi writer and futurologist Arthur C. Clarke said more than 50 years ago “Before it becomes science, it is called magic.” Why is our relationship with technology so ambiguous? And how do you, as a… View Article

What customer happiness and IT have in common

On one side of the coin, you have your people or the customers. On the other side, you have technology. Nowadays, it’s hard to do anything without the aid of technology. But it can also get in the way of having a personal touch. After all, as a company you often provide human service. So… View Article

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