How technology can empower your people

As entrepreneurs, we value our people. We know that they are important and want them to maximize on their potential. However, you’ll notice that they spend a lot of time on tasks like administrative chores. Shame. With technology, you can make their jobs easier and you also get more work done with the same number… View Article

‘Just say Kees’

As a software developer and founder of Wise Minds, I can combine the two things I love to do most: making beautiful things and helping people at the same time. In this blog I would like to tell you more about who I am and why I started software company Wise Minds. Only the maximum… View Article

The art of making systems

At Wise Minds we don’t just make a tool. We build systems that bring about change not only in the digital field. What is the art of making systems? I’ll tell you all about that in this blog. Build like an architect Building software can be compared to building a building. You start with the… View Article

Always work to do with a webshop

One of our specialties at Wise Minds is developing a webshop. From that experience I learned what works and what doesn’t, and how to maximize conversion in your webshop. That is what I would like to share with you in this blog. Don’t miss those chances What I see a lot is that webshops do… View Article

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