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Why humans are so fond of technology

Technology is our best friend but at the same time it is also something that is heartbreakingly scary. The famous sci-fi writer and futurologist Arthur C. Clarke said more than 50 years ago “Before it becomes science, it is called magic.” Why is our relationship with technology so ambiguous? And how do you, as a… View Article

What customer happiness and IT have in common

On one side of the coin, you have your people or the customers. On the other side, you have technology. Nowadays, it’s hard to do anything without the aid of technology. But it can also get in the way of having a personal touch. After all, as a company you often provide human service. So… View Article

Why do I want to be the Tesla of my industry

If you take a look around right now, you could see that the world is at its tipping point. Traditional companies are on the edge of losing to companies that embrace innovation. As a company, you actually want to become the Tesla of your industry. Why? Innovation inspires With the right innovation, you can leave… View Article