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Have a PrestaShop webshop made

Your webshop set up in the reliable PrestaShop software package, by an official partner!

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PrestaShop is one of the fastest growing webshop software packages in Europe. PrestaShop is super fast and contains all the functionalities you can expect from an online store such as a shopping cart and a payment system.



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Have your webshop made by an official PrestaShop partner

We are one of the few official PrestaShop partners in the Benelux. If you let us create your webshop, you are guaranteed of an experienced team that has been trained by PrestaShop itself!

Prestashop partner Wise Minds

A few webshops we made

you can have hundreds of types of webshops made. These examples are poorly intended to illustrate what we have done for other customers.

Muurstickers webshop laten maken in PrestaShop

Beautiful wall stickers

Beautiful wall stickers is a webshop for wall stickers. What makes this webshop unique is the powerful search bar and the wide range!

We have also made a link for this webshop with an external stock system that keeps track of how often a specific product has been sold and how many are left on the basis of multiple sales channels. This prevents the product from being out of stock and still receiving orders.

Having your webshop made by Wise Minds means that you get a webshop that is well thought out.

Not technically feasible

Tracker webshop laten maken in PrestaShop

Track Your Pet

Unlike Beautiful Wall Stickers, Track Your Pet has a much smaller range. When designing this webshop, therefore, more focus was placed on the emotional side of the buying process than on the technical perfection of the search engine.

We have developed a strong database for Track Your Pet in order to be able to serve returning customers well.

Every webshop is different and requires a different strategy. This applies to communication, marketing and branding, but certainly also to the focus of technology!

Do you already have an online store?

With us you can have an app made from your existing webshops. This way you can better bind your current customers to you.

Schedule a no-obligation appointment right away

It is always helpful to speak to an expert. It does not matter whether you have already decided what kind of webshop you want to have made or are still exploring. You can schedule an appointment without any obligation.