How does customer success drive growth for entrepreneurs in education?

22 June 2022

Potential customers also want to be helped efficiently and quickly in education. They want a customer journey that is easy to navigate. That ensures customer success. And customer success drives growth. How? You can read that in this blog.

More customer success delivers quick success

In fact, education is provided in the same way as it was 50 years ago. Education is one of the few sectors that has not kept up with innovation and digitization in recent decades. A teacher still teaches a class with about thirty students. They still get a report every few months. There are still parent meetings every so often, and et cetera. This is how education regularly works, and actually, for businesses as well. Like tutoring institutes. Here, the teacher gives his lesson. The student is then given some assignments before being allowed to go home. The only difference with regular education is that it takes place in small groups. It also differs in administrative matters. For example, how does a student schedule the tutoring in the teacher’s calendar? And how do students register to avail of the tutoring services?

If a tutoring institute is smart enough to digitize and innovate their process in such a way that it is easier for a customer to get something done, efficiency improves drastically and almost immediately.

So, focusing a little more on customer success quickly yields a lot. Now, the next question you would ask is: How easy is it for a potential customer to obtain the desired education? How is his customer journey going?

Customers want questions answered easily

In every customer’s journey, the customer starts with nothing. He has no institute, no teacher. At the end of the journey, he learned everything he wanted to learn. Improving customer success means making this entire customer journey easier for the customer.

How do you do that? Digitization plays an important role in this. Digitization can help arrange administrative matters while also getting to know an educational institute or schedule an actual lesson. You actually want a system that answers the questions a user may have as quick and simple as possible. All desired information must be easily accessible.

Whether a customer stays is determined within a microsecond

What exactly does the potential student have trouble with? What does he want to learn? Where does he or she live? Will online teaching be more effective than face-to-face? When does the student have the time? And when does the teacher have the time? If the system makes it as easy as possible to ask and answer these questions, you will have the right information available in a snap.

If the customer’s journey is easier with you than with your competitor, purchases are then made quickly. Research has shown that a potential customer who is Googling and opens a number of tabs determines within a few microseconds whether to close your tab or not. That depends on how quickly he can find the right information and how quickly he progresses in that process.

Additionally, if someone feels good with your company because their user experience is good, they will quickly recommend you to more potential customers. So, it clearly leads to growth. People love efficiency, and that efficiency will make the customers choose you. The quality of your education can even be independent of that. The first thing you need is the ability to easily ask and answer the right questions.

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