How technology and people can strengthen each other

As a consumer, people want things done in the quickest and most convenient way possible. Companies know this and have shifted their focus on these important aspects. And consumers are becoming more-and-more critical of this. How should these companies make sure that their customers remain satisfied from the start of the transaction all the way to your last contact with them?

How do you give your customer that super experience?

We are all moving into a world where customers are increasingly central. Any given customer has an awful lot of choices. In every industry, from food ordering services to cab services, the market is saturated. Thus, the need to treat a customer as king and offer them the best experience, is increasing.

The big question is— How do you do that? An example of a company that has organized this perfectly is With them, you can see how they have perfectly automated their product offering, completely optimizing the ease of use. Upon visiting, you’ll find the website to be very intuitive. First, you select between being tutored at home or online. Then you select your school type, the subjects, and click “Search”. You can also indicate when you would like to schedule the tutoring session, so that the tutor’s schedule aligns with yours. With one click, the system has found a tutor for you. He or she can be at your door the very next day, so to speak.

You want to remove barriers

Let’s compare it to the old-fashioned way one would book a tutoring session. That would  probably start with searching for a tutor for the particular subject/s. You filter through the results and try to find a way to contact them since they don’t always make their business card public. You make a phone call but you still might not get a hold of the person. And if you do get hold of him/her, the question remains whether they are available at the desired time. Whereas at, a tutor is three clicks away. That’s a huge difference.

At, the system is clear and direct. The process is streamlined from start to finish. All barriers have been removed. As a customer, it’s almost too easy. They might even feel strongly enough to recommend it to their friends and family. The customer was extremely satisfied because you made the process simple.

More room for quality

Of course, the quality of the product remains of great importance. But the advantage of automating a certain process is that it leaves more time and space to focus on quality. Note that in order to increase usability and ensure the quality of your product, it remains important to listen to your customer time and time again. Businesses often forget to ask for feedback from their users. But that communication is precisely what is so important in the successful completion of your automation.


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