Treasure Hunting in Bangladesh: New Talent and Top Developers

Remote work has been accelerated by events such as Corona. Back then, we all had to adjust our structure and communication processes to be able to work from home. And with today’s technologies, that’s not so difficult anymore. It doesn’t matter whether you are now working 1 kilometer or 10,000 kilometers away, everything is possible! And that got us thinking. Remote work offers a nice solution for the tight labor market. IT talent is no longer found so easily around the corner, but on the other side of the world. That’s where we found our wealth of IT talents! We tell you more about our developers in Bangladesh.

Sitting at the Table with Top Talents in Bangladesh

Many people talk about it, but (almost) no one really takes the step. We did put on our big boy pants and went looking outside of the Netherlands. From Turkey and Iraq to the Philippines and Myanmar, talent is everywhere! After a lot of experimenting, we were sold by a clever guy from Bangladesh. Everything went well: the communication, the development and everything that comes with it. We then literally and figuratively dove into Bangladesh and went looking for more talent during a visit to Bangladesh. And we got to know a lot! For example, we went out to eat with a few programmers to exchange ideas. It quickly became clear to us that Bangladesh offers many talents and possibilities. Currently, there are already 7 people from Bangladesh working with us and we can’t manage without them anymore.

Opportunities for Untapped Talent

Lately, India has really opened up to the possibility of working remotely. As a result, a lot of talent became available, and many corporates ended up in India, such as Microsoft. There is a lot of recruiting and investment in India: in the tech industry, universities, and in talents. We also like to invest in these talents and utilize untapped talent. We plan to set up an office and a Wise Minds Academy in Bangladesh to give uneducated talents a chance. There we will share our technical knowledge, but also help improving their English. In this way we want to contribute to people who want to develop their talent and therefore get more opportunities in the IT market.

Software Development and Impact for a Better World

Wise Minds develops software for start-ups that want to make an impact for a better world. That gives us joy and that’s the value we want to add . Simultaneously, we also do this for our people. We want to make their world better by giving them a chance to develop their talents. Talent is found all over the world and we want to bring such talents to the surface. Because it’s these talents that make an impact for our clients: better software for a better world. Increasing their knowledge and equality of opportunity really makes us proud. And if you think that managing remote programmers is difficult, read how we handle it!

Would you like to get to know our talents and find out what they can do for you? Feel free to make an appointment! We would love to get to know you and your project and who knows we can make an impact together.


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