Why humans are so fond of technology

12 January 2023

Technology is our best friend but at the same time it is also something that is heartbreakingly scary. The famous sci-fi writer and futurologist Arthur C. Clarke said more than 50 years ago “Before it becomes science, it is called magic.” Why is our relationship with technology so ambiguous? And how do you, as a company, make sure you use new technology in the right way?

Innovation we continue to pursue

The relationship between people and technology is an interesting one. Always has been. If we look back at the birth of the automobile, it was actually quite scary in the beginning. But humans started to slowly adopt the machine until eventually the streets became filled with these moving machines. Now it’s difficult to imagine a world without vehicles.

The same is true of radio and television. In the beginning, many people were vehemently against the TV. I remember people in Iraq often said it was a devilish device. Now it has become completely normalized. Although the criticisms towards new technology are often justified. TV and social media also take up a great deal of our time. It can be used for good and bad. Technology can have major, negative social consequences. 

Yet technology also offers many positives. It is not for nothing that we continue to pursue this innovation so much. It is human nature to want to make life simpler and more accessible. That is why we will always continue to develop, and always use new technologies. After all, it often helps us to free up more time precisely as well.

Technology must be in line with our inner need

As a company, you can also use new technology to respond to people’s drives. For example, people are looking for ease of use. And technology can help a lot with that. What is important here is that you make choices about what you do and do not include. Not all developments are here to stay.

Take Virtual Reality (VR), for example: is it here to stay? This is a fair question, because to what extent has VR really been adopted? And to what extent then is Augmented Reality (AR) a better alternative? These are things to include as a company in considerations around new technology.

Even though you want to stay ahead of the competition, not all technology should be immediately grabbed with both hands. People tend toward extremes: either we keep working completely the old-fashioned way, or we do everything top notch. But actually the balance is optimal. I really advise that to every company. Companies that keep doing everything the old-fashioned way are not going to make it anyway, in my opinion. But the other extreme doesn’t stand much of a chance either. When I come across a company that goes all-in on all the latest technology, I say: put on the brakes for a while, and look around you. Try to choose something you invest in.

The important thing is: the technology you deploy must be in line with efficiency. And with man’s inner need. Because as exciting as it may seem, no one is going to wait for a huge supersonic system that has all the latest gadgets, but is clunky to use.

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